Comic Arts Festival Exhibition At The Castle Dairy

16 September to 10 November 2013

Celebrating the new, the innovative, the quirky and more…

…and the wonders of tea!

A J Poyiadgi is a comics creator and filmmaker. He likes the solitary nature of one and the collaborative needs of the other. His comic, Teapot Therapy, was shortlisted for the Graphic Short Story Prize and was coloured with genuine English Breakfast tea. He produces a regular strip for Shots magazine, taking an irreverent look at life in the world of advertising and film. His latest project is Teabag Theories, a micro-comic-in-a-teabag that uses the humble brew to unravel the mysteries of science. This exhibition will provide a glimpse into Andy’s world and there’ll be a Kendal-related theory all of its own unveiled here and at other locations in Town (limited edition, collector’s items!).

Hannah Berry is mostly a graphic novelist, but also a writer, illustrator, occasional lecturer and editorial gun-for-hire, as well as having been three-times tutor for the Arvon Foundation’s Graphic Novel Writing course and Booktrust’s seventh Online Writer in Residence.

This exhibition features artwork from, amongst others, her first graphic novel, Britten & Brulightly, which she began while studying an illustration degree at the University of Brighton, subsequently published by Jonathan Cape in 2008. It has been translated into Italian, Dutch, Serbian and French, with the French edition chosen as part of the official selection for the 2010 Angoulême International Comics Festival. She has exhibited work in solo and collective exhibitions and written for publications including the New Statesman, Dazed & Confused and Huffington Post UK.

Stephen Collins has been hailed as one of comic art’s leading new lights. began cartooning for The Times in 2003, and has since won several awards, including the Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize 2010. He contributes regular comics to the Guardian Weekend and Prospect magazine. His first graphic novel The Gigantic Beard that was Evil was published in May 2013 to great acclaim. It is an off-beat fable worthy of Roald Dahl about life, death and the meaning of beards. Stephen will be appearing in a special live draw event as part of the Festival and is also a judge on the Graphic Short Story Prize 2013. Includes prints for sale.

Getting yourself a girlfriend is easy, according to Richard. All you need is papier mache, string, soft material, a balloon, some old fashioned  bellows, and a good pair of scissors. And his creator, Gareth Brookes, will show you how (if he can manage to shove ‘Jessica’ up to the Lakes from West Byfleet). Winner of the 2012 First Graphic Novel Competition, Brookes will exhibit the life-size girlfriend of Richard’s dreams, and examples of the embroidery and lino-cuts from which he has created his artwork for The Black Project (Myriad Editions, 12 September 2013). Gareth will have hand-made prints for sale.

Castle Dairy opening times

16 September – 17 October & 21 October-10 November normal Castle Dairy opening hours Tuesday-Saturday only

Fri 18 October 10am-11pm, Sat 19 October 10am-11pm, Sun 20 October 10am-5pm

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